About Us

This is an informative website that delves deep into non-profit organisations in and around Manchester. The well-researched content will cover various topics relating to the advice offered by such establishments, including health, wellbeing and social care. 

Acquiring Fundraising and Retaining Donors

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A non-profit organisation requires funds to keep going and here you can learn how to encourage donors to contribute. Once they are on board, you need to retain their services by sharing success stories with them. 

There are helpful articles that discuss how to raise funds for a non-profit organisation, including the use of movie nights, games tournaments and birthday events. 

Resources and Information

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There is a need for reliable information and resources when it comes to non-profit organisations near Manchester. The content in these sections will enable interested readers to find the best sources available. Discover how to use encyclopedias, properly research using the internet, and find authoritative books. 

Volunteering Opportunities in Manchester

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Those who wish to volunteer their time with non-profit organisations will find plenty of opportunities in and around Manchester. The article on this subject details many places to consider. These include Talbot House and Manchester People First, which offer support to those with learning disabilities. Those individuals who would like to help the homeless will be interested in reading about Coffe4Craig, which provides food, counselling and medical treatments. 

How to Start a Non-Profit Organisation

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If your interest lies in actually starting your own non-profit organisation, there is plenty of helpful advice to be found on this website. Identifying a purpose is the first step and is covered in-depth.  It is to be hoped that anybody in the Manchester area who is involved in any way with non-profit organisations will enjoy all the content here.